Rating of Gunstock Blanks

The fundamental description of Circassian Walnut to integer in different qualities, lies in the COLOR. This COLOR in its pleasant kind, shows itself in dark lines on a lighter background.

The MOVEMENT, or the expression of life, the activity or excitement, all these impressions give further bases for grading the gunstock blank.

For the maximum grading and qualifying of the walnut gunstock blanks there must be a pleasant balance between STRUCTURE, COLOR, CONTRAST and MOVEMENT
…And such pieces are very rare in fact.

While there is no standardized grading for beauty in fine woods, the following criteria should assist you in understanding the types of products available.


STANDARD_small1 HEARTWOOD_small1SEMIFANCY II._small1 SEMIFANCY I._small1 FANCY-1_small1 FULL FANCY_small1  EXHIBITION-1_small